Case Group       Compartment Case M & Camera Holder

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Summary Main Characteristics
A soft leather case of medium size. A versatile soft shoulder case that is able to hold four or five interchangeable lenses and two or three camera bodies, conveniently portable for extended or short trips.
It also accomodates clothing and toiletry for travelling, in addition to photographic equipment; permits camera and lenses to be taken out freely.
Removable partitions are provided to hold cameras and lenses in position safely without their individual cases, permitting quick lens changing on the camera inside the case while it is slung over the photographer's shoulder.
The partitions accommodate up to three lenses not larger than the 200mm telephoto lens. Provided with a cushioned lens pouch and camera holder to retain a camera on the clothing in the case.
The camera holder is attachable on the right or left wall of the case as preferred. If one more camera holder is obtained, two camera bodies can be held, on each side of the case simultaneously.
Two pockets with zippers are provided outside the case, for auxiliary photographic equipment.
A pair of binding straps is provided to hold a tripod or an umbrella outside the case.

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