Follow this link for The Unofficial Olympus OM Sales Information File!

Olympus America the official Olympus site in America
Olympus Europe the official Olympus site in Europe
Olympus Japan the official Olympus site in Japan
Olympus OM Webring this page lists all members in the ring; do you want to add your site? Click here to join!
Olympus FAQ contains lots of answers to frequently asked questions regarding Olympus OM
Olympus Mailing List read from and write to OM-lovers all over the world about Zuikoholism ;)
Olympus Brochures Dr. Peter Gilbert's amazing pages with HQ scans of Olympus brochures, VisionAges, ...
Olympus Zuiko lenses a table of all Zuikos with important data including US prices
Olympus OM System Lens Tests a still growing overview of Zuiko lens performances
OM SLR Equipment Guide a site similar to mine with cool equipment pictures
Olympus M-1 Information Page This page is a documentary about the Olympus M-1
Olympus Hardware Resource Page Scans of Service Manuals, Parts Diagrams, Reference Material
Maitani Fan the unofficial Yoshihisa Maitani & Olympus cameras homepage
Unofficial Olympus Gallery featuring photographs made by Olympus users
ADITL 1 A Day In The Life (of the Olympus Mailing List) - another OM based gallery, edition 1
ADITL 2 A Day In The Life edition 2: using the 50mm standard lens
ADITL 3 A Day In The Life edition 3: a new millennium!
TOPE The Themed Olympus Photo Exhibition pages
Sales Info (1) a site with info on and links to Olympus Gear For Sale Sites and e-Bay price history
Sales Info (2) Dutch camera shops selling Olympus
Olympus Links Page Siddiq collects OM links