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This unique unit functions as both a high quality angle finder and as a magnifier, and allows direct correction of individual diopter values. The eyepiece tube rotates 360, allowing a fine view through the viewfinder from any position; particularly convenient in low level or 90-angled shots.
Image magnification as viewed through the Varimagni Finder can be changed between 1.2x and 2.5x magnifications by a simple lever operation.
It shows either the entire screen at 1.2x magnifications for easy picture composition or the image of the central screen at 2.5x for exact focusing.
This unit allows dioptric correction between +3 to -7 diopters by means of a diopter correction ring for accurate focusing even by short- or long-sighted photographers.
The Eyecoupler is required when the Varimagni Finder is used in conjunction with Focusing Screen 1-12 for photomicrography.