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The Bounce Grip adds off-camera flash and bounce flash possibilities to the Quick Auto 310 flash, and gives the flash extra battery power with increased number of flashes and reduced recycling time. The Quick Auto 310 + Bounce Grip combination works as
1) a higher output power source operating on four 1.5V "C" batteries
2) a grip type electronic flash unit
3) a bounce flash unit.
Auto bounce flash is possible in conjunction with either the Remote Sensor (for Normal Auto flash) or the TTL Auto Cord 0.6m (for TTL "OTF" Auto flash).
The unit consists of a bracket and a removable grip for convenience in carrying and storing. The bracket with a built-in synch cord connects to the grip instantly.
A built-in power switch can activate or deactivate the additional power of the internal "C" batteries.
When the batteries are activated the recycling time is 0.2~8sec. and the number of flashes is increased to 250~over 1000 in auto operation (0.2~12sec recycling time and 100~over 400 flashes when deactivated).
The angle of the Bounce Head can be adjusted from 75 upward to 15 downward; the ratched clicks at 15 increments. A Head Clamp locks the Bounce Head.
Four 1.5V "C" batteries are used (Ni-Cd batteries may not be used).
An External Power Socket accepts the output plug of the F.AC Adapter.
A T-Series flash cannot be connected.
The Remote Sensor is required for Normal Auto bounce flash.
The TTL Auto Cord 0.6m is required for TTL "OTF" Auto bounce flash with the OM-2 and Accessory Shoe 2.


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