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This unit raises the T20 (or T32 or T18) flash 82mm, reducing the risk of red eyes. This compact units weighs only 65g, and is a very portable and also economic solution to solve the problem of red eyes in flash photography when people are facing the camera in dark conditions.
This unit supports TTL "OTF"Auto flash and viewfinder charge / Auto Check indication with compatible cameras.
First slide the Flash Extender in the Hot Shoe, with the mounting instruction drawing facing the left side. Then secure the Hot Shoe Mount with the Lock Knob. Finally, attach the flash as usual.
Do not use excessive force on the Flash Extender while mounting, or on the flash while mounting or while it is mounted.
This unit cannot be used with the Quick Auto 310.
The Flash Extender can also be used in the Power Bounce Grip 2 when the rubber plug on the front of the Flash Extender is removed. This raises the flash even further, but the power from the batteries in the Grip is no longer availble.

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