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An attachment unit that vastly increases the photographic range of the T28 Macro Single Flash 1 and the T28 Macro Twin Flash 1. The flash heads are fitted to the Shoe Ring after this unit has been secured to the front of the lens.
Both shoe mounts can be revolved freely and locked at any position desired.
With its double screw thread it can be screwed into either 49mm or 55mm lenses.
Therefore it can be used with the following Zuiko Macro lenses:
20mm/F2, 38mm/F2.8, 50mm/F2, 50mm/F3.5, 80mm/F4, 90mm/F2 and 135mm/F4.5.
This excludes the manual macro lenses 20mm/F3.5 and 38mm/F3.5.