Flashphoto Group   Electronic Flash Wide Adapter/ND Filter Set T32 & Color Filter Set T32

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These two flash filter sets add possibilities to the electronic flash T32 for close-up photography with open apertures or fast film, super wide angle flash photography and creative flash photography. Wide Adapter/ND Filter Set
Contains a milky white Wide Adapter diffuser filter and two ND filters (ND 4 and ND 8).
The Wide Adapter increases the T32's angle of coverage to the picture area of a 21mm super wide-angle lens and also provides diffused, more natural lighting. The Guide Number is decreased to 22m (100 ASA).
The ND Filters reduce the quantity of flash light without affecting color quality. The Guide Number (100 ASA) is decreased to 16 (ND 4) and 11 (ND 8) respectively.
This opens up new possibilities for close-up and macro flash photography with wider apertures or with faster films, for fill-flash in a multi-flash setup, etc.

Color Filter Set
Contains five filters in the colors red, blue, yellow, orange and green.
These filters are used for creative effects, like colored backgrounds and colored subject backlighting. Most effective in a multi-flash setup.
Exclusively for use with the Electronic Flash T32.
With the color filters, use the T32 in TTL "OTF" Auto or Manual mode (not in Normal Auto).
To clean, wipe with a dry, soft cloth. Do not wipe with organic solvents (alcohol, thinner etc.).
To mount, turn the T32's diffuser window fully upward (90). Then slide the filter into the dovetail grooves until it stops with a click.
Only one filter can be mounted on the flash unit.

TTL "OTF" Auto flash range (m, 100 ASA)

F-stop w/o filter (GN 32) Wide Adapter (GN 22) ND 4 (GN 16) ND 8 (GN 11)
22 0.18~1.4 0.13~1 0.09~0.7 0.07~50
16 0.25~2 0.17~1.3 0.13~1 0.09~0.7
11 0.35~2.8 0.25~2 0.17~1.3 0.13~1
8 0.5~4 0.35~2.8 0.25~2 0.17~1.3
5.6 0.7~5.6 0.5~4 0.35~2.8 0.25~2
4 1~8 0.7~5.6 0.5~4 0.35~2.8
2.8 1.4~11 1~8 0.7~5.6 0.5~4
2 2~16 1.4~11 1~8 0.7~5.6

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Download instructions (0.57 Mb) (Color Filter Set)