Flashphoto Group       T45 Ni-Cd Pack 1 & T45 Ni-Cd Charger 1

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Summary Main Characteristics Notes - Related Units
The T45 Ni-Cd Pack 1 is the default power source for the T45 flash unit. It can be charged from regular household AC current by the T45 Ni-Cd Charger 1. A Ni-Cd battery pack exclusively for use with the T45.
The T45 Ni-Cd Charger 1 charges an empty T45 Ni-Cd Pack 1 in about 8 hours.
A fully charged Ni-Cd Pack 1 can supply the T45 with 100 full flashes (Manual Mode).
The Ni-Cd Pack 1 can only be used with the T45 flash.
The T45 Ni-Cd Charger 1 can only be used to charge the Ni-Cd Pack 1.


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