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Mounted to the accessory or fixed hot shoe, this unit feeds power to the T-series macro flashes: T8 Ring Flash 2, T10 Ring Flash 1, T28 Macro Single Flash 1 and T28 Macro Twin Flash 1.  Compact, lightweight and well-balanced construction.
TTL "OTF" Auto makes close-up and macro flashphotography easier than ever: no need to set ASA rating or aperture on the unit, and light fall-off due to lens extensions is automatically calculated in the exposure.
The charge/correct auto flash signal can be seen both in the viewfinder and on the back of the unit.
With the calculator panel positioned in reverse, Manual flash can also be achieved more easily than ever before.
Manual flash calculator panels are optionally available for the following combinations of macro flashes and macro lenses: 50mm/T10, 80mm/T10, 135mm/T10, and 50mm/T28.

In additon, separate stickers that can be put on an existing panel are available for the following combinations:
- 20mm/T10, 38mm/T10, 50mm/T10, 80mm/T10 & 135mm/T10;

- 20mm/T28, 38mm/T28, 50mm/T28, 80mm/T28 & 135mm/T28;

- 38mm/T8, 50mm/T8, 80mm/T8 & 135mm/T8.

Power sources:
1) self-contained: 4 1.5V AA size batteries
2) 4 1.5V size C batteries in Power Bounce Grip 2
3) Electronic Flash AC Adapter 3.

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