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Attached to the Full-Synchro Flash F280, this wide-angle adapter enlarges the coverage angle of the flash. The Wide Adapter increases the F280's angle of coverage to the picture area of a 21mm super wide-angle lens and also provides diffused, more natural lighting. The Guide Number is decreased to 19m (100 ASA, TTL "OTF" Auto). For the Guide Numbers in Super FP mode, see the table below. Exclusively for use with the Full-Synchro Flash F280.
To mount, just click it on the flash window of the F280. To remove, gently pull it.


Super FP Flash Guide Numbers (m.) Normal "OTF" Flash Range Guide
(m, ISO 100)
Shutter speed OM-707 OM-3Ti, OM-4Ti
1/2000 2.1 1.8 F1.2 2.3~15.6
1/1000 2.9 2.5 F1.4 1.9~13.6
1/500 4.2 3.6 F2 1.4~9.5
1/250 6 5 F2.8 1.0~6.8
1/125 8.4 7.2 F4 0.7~5
1/60 or slower - 10 F5.6 0.5~3.5
      F8 0.36~2.5
      F11 0.25~1.8
      F16 0.18~1.3
      F22 0.12~0.88


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