Lens Group       Hoods

For most lenses shorter than 135mm there are separate hoods because there is no space to have them built-in. Exclusions are both fisheyes, the macro lenses except the 90mm and 135mm, and the 24mm shift lens. Longer lenses have the hoods built in. The fixed focal AF lenses also have them built in. The two PF lenses and the AF Zoom lenses come with plastic hoods.

Type Applicable Lens(es) US Catalog No.1 German Catalog No.1
49mm->72mm step up ring 18mm/F3.5 108-200 15-230
51mm Slide-on 35mm/F2.8, 50mm/F1.2 2, 50mm/F1.4,
50mm/F1.8, 35-70mm/F3.5-4.5
108-230 15-211
55mm Screw-in 21mm/F2 ???(3) ???(3)
57mm Slide-on 21mm/F2 108-232 15-213
49mm Screw-in 21mm/F3.5, 35mm/F2.8 Shift ???(3) ???(3)
51mm Slide-on 21mm/F3.5, 35mm/F2.8 Shift 108-210 15-214
55mm Screw-in 24mm/F2 108-211 15-215
49mm Screw-in 24mm/F2.8 108-212 15-216
49mm Screw-in 28mm/F2 108-220 15-217
49mm Screw-in 28mm/F3.5 ???(3) ???(3)
49mm Screw-in 28mm/F2.8, 28mm/F3.5 108-221 15-218
55mm Screw-in 35mm/F2 108-222 15-219
49mm Screw-in 40mm/F2, 85mm/F2, 100mm/F2.8 108-240 15-220
55mm Screw-in 35-70mm/F4, 35-70mm/F4 AF, 
???(3) ???(3)
57mm Slide-on 35-70mm/F4, 35-105mm/F3.5-4.5 108-243(3) 15-224(3)
57mm Slide-on 35-105mm/F3.5-4.5 108-245(3) 15-231(3)
51mm Slide-on 50mm/F1.2 108-233 15-210
57mm Slide-on 55mm/F1.2 108-231(3) 15-212(3)
55mm Screw-in 28-48mm/F4 108-244(3) 15-225(3)
57mm Slide-on 90mm/F2 Macro, 135mm/F4.5 Macro 108-242 15-229
60mm Slide-on 35-70mm/F3.6 108-241(3) 15-223(3)
Bayonet mount, tulip, rubber 35-80mm/F2.8 108-213 ???
??mm Slide-on 35-70mm/F4 PF 108-261(3) ???(3)

1 Catalogue numbers may differ in other regions
2 For the 50mm/F1.2 the special lens hood (51mm Slide-on, cat.nr. 108-233) is recommended because it can be mounted in reverse position on the lens for storage in a camera or compartment case.
Discontinued hood


Note: some hoods were changed from all metal to rubber with a metal Slide-on/Screw-in ridge.