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The Auto Bellows is placed between the OM body and taking lens to adjust the distance between them for close-up and macrophotography.
The extension range of the Auto Bellows is 36~198mm (or 56~218mm with the lens reversed).
When the Auto Bellows is used with an automatic lens, mounted either in normal position or reversed, the aperture iris diaphragm built into the lens can be stopped down either simultaneously with the shutter release by using the Double Cable Release, or prior to the exposure by using the Preset Lever.
When the Auto Bellows is used with a manual lens, the aperture can only be operated with the Aperture Ring on the lens.
This unit incorporates a removable lens mount board which requires no adapter to reverse the lens when a lens with a 49mm filter thread is used.
It incorporates a Focusing Rail to assure steady, smooth movement of the OM body for accurate focus.
Magnification indexes are engraved on the Focusing Rail surface for use with the Slide Copier. The front of the Lens Mount Board should be aligned to the orange-white line, and the camera body mount can be adjusted according to the lens position. 1x and 1.5x magnifications are graduated for the 1:1 Macro 80mm and Macro 50mm lenses.
Dimensions and weight: 74x132x240mm, 930g.

Note: the bellows side of the Lens Mount Board and Camera Body Mount Board have a Series VI screw thread that optionally can be used for filters.

In most cases accurate focus and lens apertures smaller than F8 are necessary for fine macrophotographs because of the extremely small depth of field.
Use of a tripod or Macrophoto Stand VST-1 is recommended to steady the Auto Bellows for the slow shutter speeds that are often required in macrophotography.
With automatic lenses, move the preset lever to the vertical position to stop down the aperture for exposure reading.
To reverse the Lens Mount Board, unscrew and remove the Front Rail Screw, loosen the Clamping Screw untill the Bellows comes free from the Lens Mount Board, and loosen the Lens Mount Board Clamping Knob.
Remove the Lens Mount Board, put a lens on it, and mount the Lens Mount Board in reverse position; the Bellows can be clamped with its Clamping Screw on the lens. Lenses with a filter thread of 55mm need a 55->49mm adapter ring.
Finally, attach and tighten the Front Rail Screw.
For easier mounting the OM body, the Camera Body Mount can be removed from the Camera Body Mount Board by loosening the Camera Mount Clamping Screw.
Focusing Screens recommended for the Auto Bellows are 1-4, 1-10, 1-11 and 1-12.

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