Macrophoto Group       Close-up Lenses 49mm f=40cm / 55mm f=40cm

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They are auxiliary lenses to screw into standard OM System lenses for close-up work. With the close-up lenses, the minimum focusing distance of the standard lenses can be reduced from 49cm to 19cm, at which distance the subject area will be 12x8cm.
These close-up lenses permit the automatic diaphragm operation of the standard lenses to facilitate a bright image observation through the fully-opened aperture and exposure adjustment.
The respective diameters of these filter mounting threads are 49mm (specially intended for the 50mm/F1.2, 50mm/F1.4 and 50mm/F1.8) and 55mm.(specially intended for the 55mm/F1.2).
Use of other lenses with a 49mm or 55mm thread is also possible.
Since the depth of field is extremely small in close-up photography, the lens aperture should be stopped down between F8 and F11 to obtain sharp image definition.
Recommended to use a focusing stage, tripod and shutter release cable to eliminate any vibration that may affect a picture.

Table of close-up ranges
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Hatched area indicates magnification ranges of standard lenses without close-up lens.
Numbers printed at both ends of each arrow indicate distances in cm (inches) between lens and subject.

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