Motor Drive Group       M. AC Control Box

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Summary Main Characteristics Notes - Related Units
Converts AC household current to DC current to supply power to the Motor Drive 1 or Motor Drive 2.
Capable of single frame advance and sequential frame advance with a 12 step selectable interval between 4 frames per second and 1 frame every 120 seconds.
Solid-state circuit prevents wind-on during shutter opening and after last exposure.
AC power input selectable between 100/115 and 220/240V; input protected by 0.5A fuse.
Pilot Lamp/Check Meter lights up when the unit is turned on; meter needle swings to indicate shutter release.
Four step operation:
1) Make sure the Release Run Switch is set to "OFF", then set the Power Switch to "ON".
2) Set the Mode Switch to "SINGLE" or "SEQUENCE".
3) In sequential mode, set the Intervalometer Dial to the desired interval.
4) In sequential mode with long intervals, set the Release Run Switch to "ON" to start filming;
in sequential mode with short intervals, press and hold the Shutter Release Button;
in single mode, press the Shutter Release Button once.
Relay Cord 1.2m or 10m is required to connect the Control Box to the motor drive.