Motor Drive Group       Motor Drive 1

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Basic motor drive unit that forms -together with Motor Drive 2- the core of the group. Fixed directly to the camera baseplate, it functions integrally with the OM camera body to perform high-speed sequence/single frame advance motor drive photography, operating on various power supplies. Incomparably compact and lightweight.
A maximum sequential filming speed of 5 frames per second without mirror lock-up is the fastest among motor drives generally available on the market.
In single mode, pressing of the shutter release button completes film wind-on following exposure, thus setting the camera ready for the next shot - a big advantage in assuring split-second readiness over its counterparts that require the finger to be taken off the button to initiate wind-on.
Solid-state circuit prevents wind-on during shutter opening and after last exposure.
Power units for Motor Drive 1 - M. 18V Control Grip 1 or 2, M. 15V Ni-Cd Control Pack 1 or 2 and M. AC Control Box.
Early OM-1 models not prepared for motor drive use can be modified for a nominal charge at authorized Olympus service centers.

Main specifications

Camera: all OM cameras except OM-10, OM-707, OM-101 and OM-2000. Film: 12-, 24- and 36-exposure roll films, and up to 250 exposures on 10m bulk load film using 250 Film Back 1.
Film advance: 5 frames per second maximum continuous filming without mirror lock-up (3.5 frames per second with the OM-2SP or OM-40), or single frame advance. Remote control: Remote Control Jack accepts 2.5mm output plug of remote control apparatus, like the M.Remote Cords 1.2m or 5m.
Shutter speeds: same as camera used w/o Motor Drive. Others: Shutter release button atop handgrip; solid state circuit for automatic film wind stop after last exposure.
Power supply: M. 18V Control Grip 1 or 2 (12 AA batteries), M. 15V Ni-Cd Control Pack 1 or 2 (rechargeable) or M. AC Control Box. Dimensions: 116x64x80mm.
Input voltage: DC 18V (AA batteries), 15V (Ni-Cd), 12~16V (other large potentiality DC power supplies). Weight: 210g.