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The Manual Adapter 2 is a dedicated unit for the OM-101 Power Focus that extends the capabilities of this camera with aperture-preferred AE and manual exposure.
Mounting the Manual Adapter 2 also allows the photographer to use flash units other than Olympus T series electronic flashes or the Full-Synchro Flash F280.
The Manual Adapter 2 mounts on the side of the OM-101 Power Focus with screw-in connectors for positive electrical contact, adding aperture-preferred AE and manual exposure control to the camera's perfomance capabilities.
The Aperture Setting Dial offers half-stop calibration from F2 to F22. When the camera is set to Auto, aperture-preferred AE is achieved.
The Maximum Aperture Index for the Aperture Setting Dial refers to the maximum aperture of the lens in use. When setting the aperture, use the guide-mark (F4, F2.8 or F2) closest to the maximum lens aperture. F2 for the 50mm PF or AF lens, F2.8 for the AF 24, 28 or Macro 50mm lens, and F4 for the PF and AF zoom lenses.
The Shutter Speed Setting Dial functions when the OM-101 Power Focus is in Manual Mode. It offers a full range of settings from 2 sec~1/2000 sec, plus Bulb and X (1/80).
The X setting or a manual setting of 2 sec~1/60 sec must be selected when other flashes than a T series flash or the F280 is used. With faster shutter speeds the flash will not fire.
This unit can only be used with the OM-101 Power Focus.
All Manual Adapter 2 functions are disabled when the OM-101 Power Focus is set to Program AE.
The aperture setting dial on the Manual Adapter 2 will be disabled of regular Zuiko lenses are used. In this case, set the aperture by using the aperture ring on the lens.
When mounting the Manual Adapter 2, care should be taken not to inadvertently   release the camera back. Because the original Camera Back Release Knob of the camera is covered, the Manual Adapter 2 has its own camera Back Release Knob.

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