Phototechnical Group       Power Flash Grip 300

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Summary Main Characteristics Notes - Related Units
A detachable type power grip with built-in electronic flash exclusively for use with the OM-707.
Includes an electromagnetic shutter release mechanism.
This unit serves as the power source for the flash, for autofocus and all other camera functions.
Uses four "AAA" alkaline-manganese batteries. One set of batteries will expose about 8 rolls of 24-exposure film (at normal temperature and humidity), when the flash is used in 50% of the shots.
Alternatively, the batteries can be replaced by the battery chamber plug of the external power unit Power Pack 200 for extra power, especially under low temperatures.
The flash has a Guide Number of 12 (100 ASA), covers the picture area of a 35mm wide-angle lens, and uses flashmatic exposure control. The recycling time is 4 sec. with fresh Alaline-Manganese batteries.
At 100 ASA the working range is 6m when a 50mm F1.8 lens is used.
The flash pops up when the Pop-Up Lever is pressed.
This unit can only be used with the OM-707.
The OM-707 needs either the Power Grip 100, Power Grip 100M or the Power Flash Grip 300 to operate.