Phototechnical Group       Recordata Back 200

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A quartz data back designed exclusively for the OM-101 Power Focus.
Allows automatic imprinting on the film of date and time.
Five imprinting modes can be selected by pressing the MODE button:
1) Month, day, year;
2) Day, month, year;
3) Year, month, day;
4) Day, hour, minute (24-hour clock);
5) No data imprinting.
Recording light intensity is automatically adjusted, interlocks with camera's automatic film speed setting (DX); range: 32~1600 ASA.
Data imprinting is confirmed with a blinking "PRINT" indicator (2-3 sec.).
Recordata Back 200 can only be used with the OM-101 Power Focus, and is also the only data back that can be used with this camera.
It is powered by a 3V lithium battery; service life about 3 years.
The calender is fully programmed up to the year 2009.