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The Recordata Back 3 replaces the standard back to imprint the date or the time directly on the film. Mounted on the OM body, this unit is capable of imprinting a date coded year, month and day, or a time coded day, hour and minute in the lower right corner of the picture (with camera held in the horizontal position).
If no imprinting is required, switch off the liquid crystal display and the unit will function as an ordinary back.
It can be left on the camera as a standard back permanently, and also be used as a watch.
Simple pushbutton operation allows correction or change in the coded date or time as desired.
Data can be imprinted on any film (color film between ASA 25~400 and B&W film of ASA 80 or above).
Only single-digit OM bodies have exchangeable backs.
To remove, open the back by pulling the Rewind Knob/Camera Back Release, and press down the Hinge Release Pin at the left hand side.
Two 1.5V silver oxide batteries or alkaline-manganese batteries or equivalent should be used. Silver oxide batteries will last for about two years, alkaline-manganese batteries for about six months.
A special semi-hard case is optionally available to contain an OM body with attached Recordata Back 3.
The OM-1 and OM-2 (without the 'n' designation) must use the synch cord provided.
With the OM-1 or OM-2, the Synchro Flash Selector should be set to 'FP':
1) when no electronic flash is used
2) when the Motor Drive is used in Sequential Mode.
The OM-1n, OM-2n, OM-2Sp, OM-3(Ti) and OM-4(Ti) use the built-in Direct Contact Pin to synchronize data imprinting which eliminates the need for a Recordata cord.
The maximum year that can be imprinted by Recordata Back 3 is 2009.

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