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The only purpose of this site it to publish information about the Olympus OM System, for users of this SLR System like myself.  I was only using the original printed Olympus Sales Information File as a theme for this site -hence its title- and also as a source of information. If you want to buy Olympus OM equipment, search the Internet for online stores, or subscribe to the Olympus OM Mailing List, following my links page. On this page you will also find a link that leads to sales info!

Hans made a huge contribution to our community with this resource. Those in the Olympus community have lost track of him. If you have contact information for him you can let us know by clicking on the picture below to e-mail us. Thanks.

Hans van Veluwen, Webmaster of the Unofficial Olympus OM Sales Information File ("e-SIF").

Cartoon by "Zak" , published in "de Volkskrant", translated from Dutch by me.