Body group       M-1, OM-1, OM-1MD, OM-1n

The differences between these bodies are marginal. The M-1 was the original body, but to avoid problems with Leitz the name was changed into OM-1 (see: Concepts and overview). One year later motor drive capabilities were added, and a small label on the front labeled 'MD' was added. This label may noy always be present - to be sure about Motor Drive capability one should look at the bottom of the body for the presence of additional Motor Drive Coupling. 
The OM-1n had some internal redesign, most important was compatability with Accessory Shoe 4 and a viewfinder LED that allowes flash ready / flash ok signals combined with an Olympus T series flash. The setting of the FP/X synchro switch no longer influences the synchronisation of the shoe.
The M-1, OM-1, OM-1MD and OM-1n were available in chrome and in black. Black M-1's are extremely rare (only 25 made).
There is also a special GOLD jubilee version of the OM-1n (only 25 made).

Main specifications

System: OLYMPUS OM System. Apparent field of view: Vertical 2330', horizontal 35.
Unit type: 35mm Single Lens Reflex with focal plane shutter. Indicator in viewfinder: Exposure index; charge/auto check lamp for T series flashes 3.
Film format: 24mmx36mm. Reflex mirror: Oversize, quick return type with lock-up.
Lens mount: OLYMPUS OM Mount, bayonet type; rotation angle 70, flange back 46mm. Zuiko Interchangeable Lens Group mountable. Film loading: OLYMPUS easy loading.
Shutter: Focal plane shutter, B., 1-1/1000 sec., ring mounted control. Manual film advance: Lever type with 150 angle for one long or several short strokes, pre-advance angle 30, self cocking, double advance and double exposure prevention.
Synchro: FP-X switch type contact at synchro socket, X contact at Accessory Shoe 1 2 / Shoe 4 3. Motor drive advance: With Motor Drive 1 unit attached, single frame and continuous advance at speed of 5 frames per second (at exposures of 1/500 sec. and above, with fresh batteries and at normal temperature and humidity).
Exposure measurement: TTL type. Measuring system: Open aperture center-weighted metering. Measuring range: EV2-17 (ASA 100 with F1.4 50mm lens). Light sensors: 2 CdS sensors. Zero-method with needle visible in viewfinder. ON/OFF meter switch. Exposure counter: Progressive type with automatic reset.
Film speed setting: ASA 25-1600 with lock button. Film rewind: Crank type, with rewind release lever setting, automatic return.
Power source: 1.35V mercury battery (Eveready (or UCAR) EPX625, Mallory PX625 or equivalent). 1 Self-timer: 4-12 second delay lever type with 180 maximum angle. Can be stopped and reset after actuation.
Viewfinder: Pentaprism type wide-vision finder. Camera back: Removable hinge type. Interchangeable with Recordata Backs (1/2/3/4) and 250 Film Back 1.
Focusing screens: Wide selection of interchangeable screens (1-series). Supplied with Focusing Screen 1-13 (microprism/split image-matte type). Hot shoe socket: Accessory Shoe 1 2 / Accessory Shoe 4 3.
Finder view field: 97% of actual picture field. Dimensions and weights:
Body only: 136x83x50mm, 510g.
With 50mm/F1.8 lens: 136x83x81mm, 680g.
With 50mm/F1.4 lens: 136x83x89mm, 740g.
With 55mm/F1.2 lens: 136x83x97mm, 820g.
Viewfinder magnification: 0.92x at infinity with 50mm lens.  

1 This battery is abolished in the US, and about to be abolished in Europe, because of environmental problems (mercury). It is possible to have the OM-1 modified to accept standard 1.50V (SR44) cells.
2 (O)M-1 (MD) only.
3 OM-1n only.


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Olympus M-1 body

Olympus M-1 brochure
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Olympus M-1 Information Page

Aaaahhh. Listen to that lovely sound of a mechanical shutter for one second...

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The OM-1N GOLD was a special 20-year Anniversary Edition of the OM-1N.
It was distributed by Olympus Netherlands in 1992 and only 25 have ever been
made; 24 of them came with a special golden version of the 50mm/F1.8
lens, and they all went to special dealers and relations of Olympus as a relation gift.

The 25th one was even more special than the other ones: it came with a golden version of the 50mm/F1.4 lens.
This camera was the main price of a contest in the Dutch magazine "Panorama".

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Allthough the OM-1 is a professional System camera,
it is also very suitable for beginning photographers...