Camera Body Group

System Cameras

Non-System Cameras
1972-1987 M-1, OM-1, OM-1 MD, OM-1n 1978-1987 OM-10,OM-10 QD, OM-10 FC
1975-1984 OM-2, OM-2n 1983-1987 OM-20 (OM-G)
1984-1988 OM-2SP (OM-2S) 1983-1987 OM-30 (OM-F)
1983-1986 OM-3 1985-1987 OM-40 Program  (OM-PC)
1984-1987 OM-4 1986-1991 OM-707 (OM-77)
1987- OM-4Ti (OM-4T) 1988-1991 OM-101 PF (OM-88)
1995- OM-3Ti 1997- OM-2000

In 1979 Olympus sponsored the Formula 1 Wolf-team

Body Group Main Features Table  A table showing the main features of all bodies at a glance!
OM Based Microscope Cameras

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For the difference between System Cameras and non-System Cameras, see Concepts and Overview