Body group       OM-2, OM-2n

The main difference between these two bodies is the System Flash support. The OM-2 supports TTL/OTF flash control with both the Quick Auto 310 flash (with Accessory Shoe 2) and the T series flashes (with Accessory Shoe 3). The OM-2n supports TTL/OTF flash control only with the T series flashes and only accepts Accessory Shoe 4. The OM-2n adds a flash ready / flash ok LED and an exposure compensation flag in the viewfinder, and automatic flash synchro speed setting. The longest guaranteed reproducable exposure time on the OM-2n is 2 minutes, independent on ASA speed, while the OM-2 has a long exposure limit that varies with ASA speed (1 minute with 100 ASA). The OM-2n automatically sets the shutter speed at 1/60 sec with a T flash. The OM-2 however will keep the shutter open when the flash does not give enough output, using available light OTF as an addition to the light produced by the flash. Some people think this is an advantage, but it is not without reason Olympus changed this in the OM-2n: the electromagnetic shutter will quickly drain the battery when it stays open for extended periods.
Both bodies were available in chrome and in black.

picture of the OM-2n

Main specifications

System: OLYMPUS OM System. Finder view field: 97% of actual picture field.
Unit type: 35mm Single Lens Reflex with electronic control automatic exposure and focal plane shutter.. Viewfinder magnification: 0.92x at infinity with 50mm lens.
Film format: 24mmx36mm. Apparent field of view: Vertical 2330', horizontal 35.
Lens mount: OLYMPUS OM Mount, bayonet type; rotation angle 70, flange back 46mm. Zuiko Interchangeable Lens Group mountable. Indicator in viewfinder: By 3-stage selector lever. Auto: Shutter speed indicator. Manual: Exposure index. Off: nothing. Exposure compensation marker. 2 Charge/auto check lamp for T series flashes. 2
Shutter: Focal plane shutter, automatic exposure control from 120 seconds to 1/1000 seconds (ASA 100, F1.2 at normal temperature and humidity).
Manual exposure: B., 1-1/1000 sec., ring mounted control.
Reflex mirror: Oversize, quick return type (without lock-up).
Synchro: FP-X switch type contact at synchro socket, X contact at Accessory Shoe 2 1 / Shoe 3 1 / Shoe 4 2 ; incorrect flash prevention. 2 Film loading: OLYMPUS easy loading.
Automatic exposure control: Aperture- preferred automatic exposure control electronic shutter type. TTL Direct (OTF) light measuring method, measuring range:
OM-2: ASA 100, from F1.2, about 60 seconds, to F16, 1/1000 second (EV -5.5~EV18)
OM-2n: ASA 100, from F1.2, about 120 seconds, to F16, 1/1000 second (EV -6.5~EV18)
(at normal temperature and humidity).
Light sensors: 2 SBC sensors. Large exposure compensation adjustment dial: 2EV (within the ASA film speed range). Automatic flash exposure: direct contacts for TTL Auto Flash.
Manual film advance: Lever type with 150 angle for one long or several short strokes, pre-advance angle 30, self cocking, double advance and double exposure prevention.
Manual exposure: TTL type. Measuring system: Open aperture center-weighted metering. Measuring range: EV1.5-17 (ASA 100 with F1.2 50mm lens). Light sensors: 2 CdS sensors. Zero-method with needle visible in viewfinder. Motor drive advance: With Motor Drive 1 unit attached, single frame and continuous advance at speed of 5 frames per second (at exposures of 1/500 sec. and above, with fresh batteries and at normal temperature and humidity).
Film speed setting: ASA 12-1600, set by lifting and rotating film speed dial. Exposure counter: Progressive type with automatic reset.
Auto / Manual selection: By selector lever. Film rewind: Crank type, with rewind release lever setting, automatic return.
Battery check: 3-stage battery check lamp (light emitting diode) indicates full voltage, depleted charge, and exhaustion of batteries. Self-timer: 4-12 second delay lever type with 180 maximum angle. Can be stopped and reset after actuation.
Power source: Two 1.5V silver oxide batteries (Eveready (or UCAR) EPX76 or equivalent). Camera back: Removable hinge type. Interchangeable with Recordata Backs (1/2/3/42) and 250 Film Back 1.
Viewfinder: Pentaprism type wide-vision finder. Hot shoe socket: Accessory Shoe 2 1 / Accessory Shoe 3 1 / Accessory Shoe 4 2.
Focusing screens: Wide selection of interchangeable screens (1-series). Supplied with Focusing Screen 1-13 (microprism/split image-matte type). Dimensions and weights:
Body only: 136x83x50mm, 520g.
With 50mm/F1.8 lens: 136x83x81mm, 690g.
With 50mm/F1.4 lens: 136x83x89mm, 750g.
With 55mm/F1.2 lens: 136x83x97mm, 830g.

1 OM-2 only.
2 OM-2n only.

Download manual OM-2n (9.09 Mb)Download "Instructions at a glance" (1.30 Mb)