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OM-30 (US: OM-F)

The OM-30 was Olympus' first orientation in the world of autofocus. It is not a true autofocus camera, but has three special features: there is an In-Focus Indicator that works with all standard lenses to indicate correct focusing, and it has two dedicated functions in combination with the special stand alone autofocus 35-70mm/F4 zoom lens that was introduced simultaneously. This lens, shown in the picture below, can turn any OM body into an semi-autofocus camera, with autofocusing triggered with a button on the lens. In combination with the OM-30 however, this lens can also be triggered by the shutter release button, and in combination with a Winder or Motor Drive and the M.In-Focus Trigger Cord motorized single autofocus or continuous autofocus is possible.
This lens has a built-in motor, autofocus electronics and a battery compartment. As can be seen in the picture, the combination looks rather bulky and clumsy. The performances of this combination are not award winning either: autofocus is slow and does not work at all in low light conditions (where autofocus would be desirable). Since there is no autofocus assist light on the camera or on any dedicated flash, there is no way to boost these performances. The In-Focus Indicator has the same low light problems. Today, neither the stand alone OM-30 with manual focus lenses or with the autofocus zoom can compete with modern autofocus cameras. It's more some industrial monument. But it is not unique: other camera manufacturers have made simular experimental zoom lenses.
The M.In-Focus Trigger Cord can also be used with the OM-30, Winder or Motor Drive, and any manual focus Zuiko lens, to provide In-Focus triggering of the Winder or Motor Drive (it fires when the subject is in focus).
Apart from these In-Focus and autofocus features, the OM-30 is very much like the OM-20 in specifications. It has a manual exposure shutter speed ring, but there is no PC flash synchro bus - instead there is a bus for the M.In-Focus Trigger Cord. The In-Focus Indicators also needed a heavier power source: five instead of two 1.5V SR44 cells.
The OM-30 was available in chrome and in black.

Left: OM-F.   Right: OM-30 in combination with the Auto Focus 35-70mm/F4 zooms lens, Winder, and M.In-Focus Trigger cord

Main specifications

Unit type: 35mm SLR Reflex with automatix exposure control, electronic focal plane shutter. Viewfinder: Pentaprism type.
Film format: 24mmx36mm. Focusing screen: Fixed Lumi-Micron microprism/split image-matte screen.
Lens mount: Olympus OM Mount, bayonet type. Finder view-field: 93% of actual picture field.
Shutter: Focal plane shutter, automatic exposure control from 2 seconds to 1/1000 second (ASA 100, F1.2 at normal temperature and humidity). Viewfinder magnification: 0.92X with 50mm lens at infinity.
Synchro: X contact. Direct contact only. In combination with a T series flash the 1/60 synchro speed is automatically selected. Indicators in viewfinder: 12-step shutter speed scale with overexposure marker and flash charge (triggered by T series flashes), indicated by LEDs.
Green square LED at the bottom indicates In-Focus, two red arrow LEDSs indicate out of focus.
Exposure compensation marker (+/-).
Automatic exposure control: Aperture-priority electronically controlled shutter. TTL Direct (OTF) Light Measuring system.
Measuring range: EV-0.5~EV18 from 2 sec. to 1/1000 sec. at normal temperatures and humidity with ASA 100 and F1.2 50mm. lens. Exposure compensation: 2 EV.
Reflex mirror: Oversize, quick return mirror.
Manual exposure control: 1-1/1000 sec., ring mounted control. Film advance: Lever type with 130 angle. It can be wound with one long or several short strokes, 30 pre-advance angle. Power winding is possible with Winders or Motor Drives.
With Motor Drive 1 or 2 unit attached, single frame and continuous advance at speed of 5 frames per second (at exposures of 1/500 sec. and above, with fresh batteries and at normal temperature and humidity). With Motor Drive 2, advance to first frame after load is supported, but not power rewind.
Auto focus: Automatic focus with the Zuiko 35-70/F4 AF zoom. Exposure counter: Progressive type with automatic reset when camera back is opened.
In-Focus: Sensitivity of In-Focus switch for lenses in the range F1.2~F2.0 or lenses in the range F2.8~F4.0. Viewfinder indicator for correct focus. Working range EV5~EV16 (100 ASA). Film rewind: Crank type, with rewind release lever setting, automatic return.
Film speed setting: ASA 25-1600. Self-timer: Electronic self-timer with about 12 second delay.
Battery check: Battery voltage can be checked by both LED and PCV (acoustic signal). Mirror lock to limit drainage. Accessory shoe: Built-in type, with X-contact and contact for flash ready / flash ok signal with T series flash (flash ok signal with Normal Auto mode only).
Power source: Five 1.5 silver oxide batteries SR44 (Eveready or UCAR EPX-76 or equivalent). Dimensions and weights: 135x84x50mm, 430g. (body only).

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