Finder Group       Eyecup 1 & Dioptric Correction Lenses 1

Summary Main Characteristics Notes - Related Units
The Eyecup 1 prevents glare and loss of contrast caused by stray light hitting the viewfinder eyepiece and accepts any of the eight Dioptric Correction Lenses 1.
The Dioptric Correction Lenses 1 are available for adjustment of individual eye acuity.
The Eyecup 1 is indispensable to prevent stray light passing through the viewfinder eyepiece during manual exposures.
The eyeshade is detachable from the inner socket of the Eyecup for mounting a Dioptric Correction Lens.
The photographer can observe a clear viewfinder image when he inserts the optimum Dioptric Correction Lens into the inner socket of the Eyecup.
The eight Dioptric Correction Lenses available include +2, +1, 0 diopters for long sight and -1, -2, -3, -4 and -5 for short sight.
The Eyecoupler is essential when the 250 Film Back 1 and Eyecup 1 are used together.
The number engraved on each Dioptric Correction Lens indicates the final diopter in conjunction with the OM body.

Number engraved on Dioptric Correction Lens
(final diopter in comjunction with OM body)
Initial diopter of each Dioptric Correction Lens Application
+2 +4 Hyperopes & presbyopes (or those who wear glasses of visual acuity from +4 to +2 diopter or glasses of focal length from +10 to +20 in.)
+1 +3
0 +2
-1 +1 Slight myopes (with glasses of from +1 to -1 diopter or +40 to -40 in.)
-2 0
-3 -1
-4 -2 Medium myopes (with glasses of from -2 to -3 diopter or -20 to -15 in.)
-5 -3