Motor Drive Group       250 Film Back 1

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Attached to the OM camera body in place of the standard camera back, the 250 Film Back 1 provides up to 250 exposures on 10m lengths of film. Tailored to the compact camera body, unusually compact and lightweight.
Can be attached to the camera body before or after the motor drive or winder.
Motor drive or winder stops wind-on automatically when the subtracting type preset exposure counter (on the right Magazine Chamber) has reached "0".
Film Type Indicator on the left Magazine Chamber can be manually set as a reminder for film type or ASA speed.
Dimensions & weight: 63x272x85mm, 600g.

This film back can only be used with single digit OM camera bodies.
Two 250 Film Magazines are required for film supply and take-up.
Motor Drive 1 or 2, or Winder 1 or 2 is required for film transport.
The Eyecoupler must be used with the Eyecup 1 for comfortable viewing of viewfinder images.
The 250 Film Loader proves handy in winding bulk film onto the supply spool.
To remove the Rear Cover, pull up the Rear Cover Lock Key on the right Magazine Chamber, and pull backward the Rear Cover Button.

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