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These two extension cord are recommended for macro flash photography with the OM-707 Auto Focus and the AF Macro 50mm/F2.8 lens.
The special Power Grip 100M is required to connect these cords.
The Macro Cord F7P connects the camera mounted full-synchro flash F280 to the Power Grip 100M, the Macro Cord T5P connects the camera mounted electronic flash T32 or T Power Control 1 to the Power Grip 100M.
Without these cords, the OM-707 AF automatically switches to F4 at 1/100sec. when the F280 or T32 are used with the 50mm/F2.8 AF Macro Lens.
This aperture is not ideal for macro photography since the depth of field is too small. Besides overexposure can easily occur with the powerful F280 and T32 flashes.
The macro cords give the photographer full control of the Program Shift Knob to select a smaller aperture.
The flash plug is locked in mechanically when fully inserted into the terminal socket of the camera mounted F280, T32 or T Power Control 1.
The mini jack plug goes into the socket of the Power Grip 100M.
The F280 must be set to Normal (OM-707/OM-77 AF), and the Wide Adapter F280 must be attached.
The panel of the T32 or T Power Control 1 must be mounted to the side labeled with 'full automatic control by OM-2'; the flash head of the T32 must be tilted down.
Make sure the flash is fully charged. After it is fully charged, the Grip will switch to the Macro Flash Mode. If the flash has fired with correct exposure, the Auto Check LED will blink.

The working distances with the AF Macro 50mm/F2.8 are:
F280: 0.2~6.8m (with Wide Adapter)
T32: 0.2~11.4m.
T10: 0.2~1m.
T28 Macro Single Flash 1: 0.2-10m.
These cords can only be used with the OM-707 AF body and the Power Grip 100M.

If it takes more than 20 seconds for the flash to recharge, change all of the batteries with new ones. Otherwise the Macro Flash mode may be cleared, or the flash mark in the viewfinder may turn off while the lens is driven.

Continous shooting is not possible.

The Macro  Flash mode is cleared when the Auto Check LED of the flash is blinking. Make sure the Auto Check LED turns off and the Flash Ready LED turns on, then shoot.


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