Macrophoto Group          Light Shield Tube PM-SDM


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The Light Shield PM-SDM allows the Macrophotographic Equipment PMT-35 to be used for microphotography, preventing false light entering the bellows.

The microscope is put on the Support Stand of the PMT-35, replacing the illuminator base, and the bellows is used as a photomicrographic adapter.
It connects to the OM-mount of the bellows of the PMT-35 and slides over the eyepiece.

The eyepiece must be inserted in the proper eyepiece adapter.
For best results in microphotography a photographic eyepiece with low magnification is recommended.
The Olympus FK 2.5x or NFK 2.5x are recommended for 35mm film.

Be sure to leave some space between the top of the eyepiece and the PM-SDM to prevent vibrations to be transmitted.