Photomicro Group   Eyepiece Adapters

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These are designed to mount an eyepiece on a microscope for photomicrography with the OM System cameras. Three types are available in accordance with the type of Olympus eyepieces FK, P and G in use.
The PM-ADF is designed for Photo Eyepiece (N)FK, the PM-ADP for Viewing Eyepiece P, the PM-ADG and PM-ADG-3 for Stereoscopic Eyepiece G.

The Adapters PM-ADG and PM-ADG-3 consist of an upper and a lower part. Eyepiece G10x is inserted into the lower part of the adapter; the upper part is screwed on it before the entire unit is mounted to the Eyepiece Sleeve.
Eyepieces G15x and G20x are mounted directly in the upper part of the adapter.

Adapter PM-ADG-3 has an additional ring that is used with the Wide High-Eyepoint Eyepiece GWH10x. For other Eyepieces G this ring should not be used.

The PM6-ADG allows the Photomicrographic Camera PM-6-8 to be mounted onto the stero microscopes equipped with a binocular observation tube.

The Microscope Mount of all Eyepiece Adapters fits into the Eyepiece Sleeve of a microscope and tightens with a clamping screw.
The Camera Assembly Mount of the Eyepiece Adapter accepts the OM-Mount Photomicro Adapter L, Automatic Exposure Body PM-PBA/PM-PBS or Manual Exposure Body PM-PBM.

The Eyepiece Adapters are not needed when the Photomicrographic Support Stand PM-PSS is used. The Olympus Research Microscope VANOX doesn't require them either.

The letters "NFK", "FK", "P" or "G" engraved on each eyepiece indicate the eyepiece type.
The low magnification photo eyepieces (N)FK are preferable for photomicroscopy. The (N)FK 2.5x are recommended for 35mm film.

If picture magnifications (or total magnifications) are the same, optimum structural details of the object can be photographed by means of a combination of higher objective and lower eyepiece rather than reverse, since te objective has all the resolving power.