Macrophoto Group       Roll Film Stage

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This unit can be used in conjunction with the Slide Copier and Auto Bellows to facilitate duplication of roll film up to 10m (33 1/3 feet) in length. This stage is a convenient unit to be used with the Slide Copier and Auto Bellows for duplicating a roll film. A long roll, usually hard to handle, can easily be treated without a fear of giving scratches on the film surface. The Roll Film Stage can be clamped under the Film Holder of the Slide Copier with two screws to conveniently duplicate roll films.
To load a film strip, pull down the Film Holder Release Lever to open the Film Holder. Then insert the film in the opening behind the diffusion glass. After correcting the film position (still pressing the Holder Top) push the Button Lock so that the Film Holder stays closed. The opening of the Film Holder can be adjusted by the Adjusting Knob.