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History List & Updates on the e-SIF!

November 25, 2001 Various manuals & instruction sheets added; iS/L Page updated
July 8, 2001 Interview with Mr. Maitani, added to Concepts and overview page
May 12, 2001 New manuals
March 30, 2001 M-1 brochure added to OM-1 page
March 20, 2001 Manuals of Historical Cameras added to Olympus Camera History Page
March 01, 2001 The OM inside story added to the Concepts and overview page
February 22, 2001 Zuiko 28-85mm/F3.5-4.5 prototype
February 20, 2001 2-year anniversary of the eSIF! Brochure 'High Quality Objectives' added to Photomicro Group
February 17, 2001 Major updates on the Photomicro Group, including a brochure Photomicrographic Systems
February 4, 2001 Various instruction sheets and manuals added
January 31, 2001 New mirror at
December 10, 2000 Various new Portfolio Themes 
October 9, 2000 Centurion added to iS/L page
September 24, 2000 Several manuals / instructions added to INDEX page
September 4, 2000 INDEX page added
September 3, 2000 Lens Cross Section Diagrams added to all pages of the Lens Group
August 28, 2000 PMT-35 info updated; mirror site on R*dR*val deleted because of continuous FTP failure
August 19, 2000 Various additions made to the Macrophoto Group and Photomicro Group
August 6, 2000 Olympus Camera History page completed with all model lines
July 30, 2000 OM Based Microscope Cameras page added
July 28, 2000 Girls Wanna Have Fun Page added to Portfolio
July 1, 2000 Olympus Camera History: initial version of this page that puts OM in its historical perspective
June 12, 2000 Concepts page updated with some historical data
May 18, 2000 OM-1 page: picture added of the OM-1N Gold.
April 1, 2000 New pictures for the OM-1, OM-3, OM-4, OM-2SP, OM-PC, OM-20 and OM-30
March 28, 2000 Flash Modes Page and OM-3Ti page updated with additional info on OTF flash with the OM-3Ti
March 17, 2000 Candy Dulfer in Paradiso Page added to Portfolio
March 4, 2000 OM-2(n) page updated, Body Group Main Features Table updated
February 20, 2000 iS/L page updated with section on macro capabilities, and weight data of the various converters
February 7, 2000 Holland Sand Sculpture 1999 Page added  to Portfolio
January 18, 2000 The Mighty Mushy Mushroom Page added to Portfolio
January 14, 2000 iS page updated with new pictures and some text additions
January 3, 2000 Page added describing the various Flash Modes available with OM and iS cameras
December 31, 1999 Page for the 3V Battery Holder 2 completed
December 5, 1999 Updated pages: Concepts, iS-Series and Macro Cords; page for the Power Pack 200 added
November 12, 1999 Pages for the iS-Series and Macro Cords updated; Power Grip 100M added.
November 9, 1999 Information added about units that were prototyped but never produced (lens group, macro group)
November 4, 1999 Page dedicated to the Olympus iS-Series
October 28, 1999 Mail page added; copyright notices added to the About page
September 24, 1999 Portfolio pages addition: Modamas Fashion Page
September 17, 1999 Picture of race car sponsored by Olympus in 1979 added to Camera Body Group page
September 9, 1999 Zuiko Lens Terminology page added
September 3, 1999 Olympus OM Webring created. Care to join? Click here!
September 2, 1999 Cosmetic changes to e-SIF start page and home page; personal info moved to separate page
August 28, 1999 Page for the M.Quartz Remote Controller 1 updated
August 27, 1999 Links page updated
August 21, 1999 Pages for the M.In-Focus Trigger Cord and the 35-70mm/F4 Auto Focus zoom lens updated
August 20, 1999 Portfolio: solar eclips of August 11, 1999 in the Netherlands (97%); Macro cords 7P / 5P
August 14, 1999 e-SIF Mirror Site installed on Xoom! A full copy of the e-SIF to guarantee continous accessability
August 9, 1999 About page updated
August 7, 1999 Lens Group Main Features Table; moon & macro pictures added to portfolio
July 20, 1999 Photomicro Group; e-SIF completed!
June 21, 1999 Macrophoto Group
May 31, 1999 Case Group
May 26, 1999 Phototechnical Group
May 3, 1999 Motor Drive Group
April 14, 1999 Flashphoto Group
March 19, 1999 Finder Group
March 13, 1999 Lens Group
March 3, 1999          The Unofficial Olympus OM T-shirt
February 25, 1999 Initial version of the Unofficial Olympus Sales Information File ("e-SIF") with the Body Group
February 20, 1999      Launch of my Homepage