Macrophoto Group       Lieberkühn Reflectors PM-LM 38 & PM-LM 20

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The Lieberkühn Reflectors PM-LM 38 and PM-LM 20 provide soft, shadowless lighting with the 38mm, respectively 20mm Macro lenses. These matted aluminium reflectors are easily clamped onto the 38mm or 20mm Macro lens. Soft, shadowless lighting with a Lieberkühn Reflector and a 38mm or 20mm Macro lens can be obtained by using the Macrophoto Stand VST-1, Trans-Illuminator Base X-DE , Trans-illuminator LSD and the Shaded Stage Plate.
Use of the Centering Mirror PM-ELcs to adjust the optical axis is also recommended.
The Lieberkühn Reflector PM-LM 38 can only be used with the 38mm/F2.8 Auto Macro lens or the manual 38mm/F3.5 Macro lens.
The Lieberkühn Reflector PM-LM 20 can only be used with the 20mm/F2 Auto Macro lens or the manual 20mm/F3.5 Macro lens.