Macrophoto Group       Trans-Illuminator Base X-DE

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A multipurpose base stand permitting transmitted lighting in conjunction with Macrophoto Stand VST-1, Stage Glasses and other accessories. It features a built-in 20W illuminator, a reversable plano-cylindrical mirror and detachable polished wood hand rests.
It also permits use of external transmitted and incident lighting sources.
The Macrophoto Stand VST-1 fits seamless on top of the aluminium base allowing the Auto Bellows or Focusing Rail to be used in vertical position with transmitted and incident lighting.

The cyclindrical side of the mirror concentrates the light and is recommended for high magnifications. The flat white side of the mirror should be used when the reflected light from the cyclindrical side does not cover the entire field of view.

For high magnifications and also for more versatile lighting the more powerful Trans-Illuminator LSD is recommended instead of the built-in lamp. In most cases it is more comfortable to pull the built-in lamp from the back of the X-DE and use this opening to let the light of the LSD enter.

The reversable plano-cylindrical mirror can be exchanged by the Centering Mirror PM-EL-CS when a Lieberkühn Reflector is used for soft, shadowless lighting with the 20mm or 38mm Macro Lens. This mirror, used together with the Trans-Illuminator LSD, facilitates horizontal alignment of the Illuminator's optical axis.