Macrophoto Group       Stage Plates, Stage Glasses & Mechanical Stage FM / FM II

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Summary Main Characteristics Notes - Related Units
The standard Frosted Stage Glass of the Macrophoto Stand VST-1 can be exchanged by two Stage Glasses or three Stage Plates for various lighting techniques.
The Mechanical Stage FM / FM II is available for pin pointing of the subject.
The standard Frosted Stage Glass and Clear Stage Glass can be used for both incident and transmitted lighting.
The Frosted & Black Stage Glass can only be used for incident lighting to increase the contrast; the frosted side is for dark subjects and the black side is for light subjects.
The two black metal Stage Plates have holes for transmitted lighting (28mm and 45mm). The 28mm Stage Plate can be used with the Mechanical Stage FM (FM II).
The Shade Stage Plate comes with a black and a white Shutter Interrupter Plate to be used in conjunction with the Lieberkühn Reflector.
The Mechanical Stage FM (FM II) can be used in conjunction with the 28mm Stage Plate to enable pin pointing of the subject for high magnification work. It features a Vernier Scale calibrated with 0.1mm increments.
For transmitted lighting, use the Macrophoto Stand VST-1 together with the Trans-illuminator Base X-DE and the Trans-illuminator LSD.
For incident lighting the Epi-illuminator PM-LSD 2 is recommended.
Soft, shadowless lighting can be obtained by using the Macrophoto Stand VST-1 and Trans-Illuminator Base X-DE with the Trans-illuminator LSD, the Shaded Stage Plate and a Lieberkühn Reflector.