Photomicro Group       Automatic Photomicrographic System PM-10A / PM-10AD / PM-10ADS

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The Automatic Photomicrographic Systems PM-10A, PM-10AD and PM-10ADS are complete systems for photomicrography with Automatic Exposure control.

The System PM-10A consists of 17 units, including the Automatic Exposure Body PM-PBA, Automatic Exposure Control Unit PM-CBA, etc., to automatically determine correct exposure time, compensate for reciprocity failure, and advance film after each exposure.

The Systems PM-10AD / PM-10ADS are available in ten different configurations, are based on the Automatic Exposure Bodies PM-PBS / PM-PBSP, Automatic Exposure Control Units PM-CBAD / PM-CBSP, and  with various film/camera backs (35mm, 4"x5", Polaroid, 16mm movie).
A built-in color temperature metering and regulating system balances the color temperature of the light source with the color temperature of the film.

Easy interchangeability of many accessories permits use of various large format film sizes as well as 35mm sizes.

The Automatic Exposure Bodies require the Photomicro Adapter H and 35mm SLR Camera Adapter PM-D35S to mount an OM body.

OM bodies supporting Automatic Exposure must be set to manual operation for use with the PM-10A(D), since it functions as a completely automatic photomicrographic exposure system.

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