Photomicro Group

Connecting Units Automatic Exposure Units
OM-Mount Photomicro Adapter L Exposure Bodies PM-PBA / PM-PBS / PM-PBSP 
OM-Mount Photomicro Adapter H Exposure Body PM-PBK
Camera Adapters PM-D35S / PM-D35 / PM-D35A Exposure Control Units PM-CBA / PM-CBAD / PM-CBSP
Eyepiece Adapters Exposure Control Unit PM-CBK
Support Stand PM-PSS Control Unit for Bright-Frame Viewfinder PM-CVB
Color Temperature Module PM-CTR
Focusing Units Time-Lapse Control Unit PM-IV
Screen Viewer PM-VSC Foot Switch PM-FS
5X Magnifier
Focusing Telescopes PM-VS / PM-VSP / PM-VTM Manual Exposure Units
Focusing Magnifiers PM-FT / PM-FT-36 Exposure Bodies PM-PBM / PM-PBM-W
Bright-Frame Viewfinder PM-VSB Photomicrographic Exposure Meters EMM-7 / EMM-7-2
Photomicrographic Systems
Automatic Photomicrographic Systems PM-10A / PM-10AD / PM-10ADS
Semi-Automatic Photomicrographic System  PM-10AK
Manual Photomicrographic System PM-10M

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Brochure Photomicrographic Systems, April 1987

This brochure shows more recent versions of the various Photomicrographic Systems, compared  to the Manual of the Photomicro Group of the OM System. It also contains the two modern versions of the Photomacrographic System PMT-35.
The Photomicrographic Systems are not focused on links with the OM System. The 35mm camera bodies presented are the special microscopic cameras, derived from the OM-3 / OM-4: C-35AD-4, C-35DA-2 and the PM-6-8 (which is actually a C-35DA-2 with a fixed Manual Exposure Body (= shutter).
OM cameras can be attached using the Adapter PM-D35S.

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Brochure High Quality Optics, May 1985

This brochure lists the various microscope objectives and eyepieces available from Olympus in 1985. 

The FK Photo Eyepieces, Wide Field Eyepieces, Phase Contrast Objectives - the whole range from common to specialized microscope optics is presented here.

The NFK Photo Eyepieces with LD glass were not yet available when this brochure was printed.

Photomicro Group System Chart
Manual of Photomicro Group