Photomicro Group       Automatic Exposure Bodies PM-PBA / PM-PBS / PM-PBSP

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The Automatic Exposure Bodies  automatically determine the correct exposure time in conjunction with the Automatic Exposure Control Boxes PM-CBA / PM-CBAD / PM-CBSP. The PM-PBA incorporates an electronically controlled shutter in an automatic exposure range from 1/100 sec. to 32 minutes, a three position light path selector knob with sliding prisms, a quick clamp adapter for attachment to a microscope photo tube, and a connecting cord to the Control Box.
A focusing unit can be clamped into the front of the Exposure Body.

The PM-PBS & PM-PBSP are updated versions. The PM-PBSP has a built-in spot meter. Their mount has two electronic contacts that can trigger the built-in winder of the microphotographic 35mm camera body C-35AD-4 which must be connected with the Adapter PM-D35A. They also have provisions for the Color Temperature Module PM-CTR and Bright Frame Viewfinder PM-VSB.
Among the focusing units available, the Screen Viewer PM-VSC is recommended for objectives lower than 4x, the Focusing Telescope PM-VS for higher objectives.

They require the Photomicro Adapter H and 35mm SLR Camera Adapter PM-D35S to mount an OM body.