Photomicro Group       Color Temperature Module PM-CTR

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A module that connects to the Automatic Exposure Body PM-PBS to check the color temperature of the light source against the film type. This unit is clamped to the side of the AE Body PM-PBS.
It incorporates a dial for selection of daylight type film (dial setting: D) or Tungsten film (dial setting: T) with fine tuning gradients.

For checking the color temperature, the specimen must be focused, then the slide must be moved until there are no parts of the specimen in the field of view.
The Light Path Selector Knob of the PM-PBS must be pulled out completely to the yellow band.
For Tungsten film the LBT filter must be inserted in the filter mount on the microscope base,  for daylight film the LBD-2 filter.
When the green light goes on the color temperature of the light source is higher than the designated color temperature of the film; when the red light goes on it is lower.
The color temperature of the light source is regulated with the illuminator's voltage.
This unit can only be connected to the AE Body PM-PBS, not the PM-PBA.