Photomicro Group       Photomicrographic Supporting Stand PM-PSS & Light Shield Tube

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Summary Main Characteristics Notes - Related Units
This is a convenient unit for photomicrography at high magnifications.
The unit supports the entire weight of the camera, isolating it from the microscope.
The weight and solidity of a separate stand alone tends to reduce any transmitted vibration.
Other bench vibrations are absorbed by the stand's rubber feet and a rubber mat minimizes transmission of vibration from the microscope.
The PM-PSS stand may be used with any microscope having a vertical photo tube.
Camera and microscope operation is not impaired by the use of the stand, and all controls remain fully accessible.
The supporting arm of the PM-PSS accepts either Photomicro Adapter L, an Automatic Exposure Body PM-PBA / PM-PBS or a Manual Exposure Body PM-PBM.

When a Photo Eyepiece (N)FK is used, the large part of the two-piece Light Shield Tube must first be put on the microscope photo tube. Then the small part of the Light Shield (the rubber collar) is slided on the tube of the Photo Eyepiece, after which it is inserted slowly in the microscope photo tube.