Photomicro Group       Focusing Telescopes PM-VS / PM-VSP / PM-VTM

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Focusing units for the Automatic Exposure Body PM-PBA or the Manual Exposure Body PM-PBM, designed for use with objectives with magnifications larger than 4x. The PM-VS is provided with a double cross-line diopter adjustment, four fixed-frame reticles indicating 35mm, 120 roll film, 3"x4" (Polaroid) and 4"x5" (Large Format) film sizes.

The PM-VSP, marked with a 1% spot metering area, is intended for the Automatic Exposure body with spot metering PM-PBSP.

The Turret Mask Focusing Telescope PM-VTM has a Mask Selector Lever to select a mask for either 35mm, 3"x4" and 4"x5" film sizes.
A knurled ring clamps the focusing telescope to the automatic or manual exposure body.
The image can be enlarged with the Focusing Magnifier FT / FT36.